FINALLY! It took over a year, but we've finally got some pictures to post. Geoff took the photos, and I think he used the wrong eye to look through the camera viewfinder, but they are better than nothing.

Well, the car has been driven every day since we finished it, and we've experienced very few problems in all that time. Of course the AOD transmission gave up after six months of driving and we are now on tranny number four, but other than that almost expected failure, the car has been pretty much trouble free. The motor has run flawless with oil changes being the only required maintenance. We did change the fan belt to a serpentine belt using pullies from an '87 Lincoln. That allowed us to use a little bigger alternator and improve the look under the hood. Geoff also had the car painted (although it hasn't been rubbed out yet) and got a great deal on some rims. He had to machine wheel adapters to use the rims, but they do look good on the car. We still haven't taken it to the drag strip mainly because we don't really want to take a chance on installing AOD number five. We race the other RX-7 at least twice a month (11.01 @ 124mph best), so Geoff gets his drag racing fix without beating on his street car.

All in all, this has been a very reliable, fun and fast conversion. Even though it took only a week to do the conversion, Geoff has gotten well over a year of enjoyment out of the car. He has lately been considering selling the Maztang to buy his dream car, an '87 Grand National. If he gets the right offer, he may part with it. I'll have to see it, to believe it though.

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