Well, we finally made it to the dragstrip, and we are pretty happy with the performance, considering the fact the car wants to burn the tires off. We still have the P205/60R13's on the car and it is impossible to launch without tire spin. The first pass was all out, balls to the wall, and smoked the hides through 1st, 2nd and into 3rd before it finally hooked up. That netted an unimpressive 14.74. The next two passes, we left real easy and gradually floored it. That knocked a full second off the first pass, but it still wanted to spin pretty good going into second. We shifted at 6000 rpm and basically took it easy on the car, we did after all, have to drive it home when we were done.

So, we are fairly happy with 13.7's at 100 mph considering the skinny tires and basically stock motor. It was still one of the quickest street cars in attendance, and once we throw a set of slicks on, high 12's are definitely not out of the question. Not bad for a daily driver that gets 15 mpg.

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