Throttle cable bracketAluminum radiatorEngine fasteners

Spark plugsTach,shift light and guagesWheels

Roll cageEngine bearingsTiming chain & gears

Fabricated rear end housing & rear wheel tubsValve train components & valve coversRocker arms & girdle

Intake manifoldEngine gasketsHelmet, neck support & harness

Rear tiresMail order partsCarburetor & regulator

Valve springsMail order partsValve train components

Oil pumpTiming chain coverOil pan & front tires

rear axlesPan evacuation systemDistributor & ignition system

Mail order partsWater pump, carburetor body and metering blocksHarmonic balancer

Fuel pumpRear gears & spoolHose and fittings

Connecting rods & flexplatePiston ringsPistons

Mail order partsRear brake componentsCylinder heads

Hose ends & fittingsValve spring retainerstransmission and flexplate shields


Torque converterPro Ratchet shifterRear subframe and 4 link


Engine swap kit9 " Rear center sectionDatalogger


4 link calculator programTurbo 400 race transmissionRear brake rotors

lugnutstransmission dipstickfuel cell

driver seatbrake padsfuel filter